Benefits of Chiavari Seats from a Chiavari Chair Rental in Michigan

Wedding seating is an integral part of any wedding planning unless couples want to have their guests standing the entire time. writer Barbara Starler provides some insight on wedding seating options.

Wedding Seating

“With chairs available in metal, wood, and Lucite, some that are enhanced with an upholstered look, and others that include embellishments such as belts and brooches, there is a chair designed to suit every taste and theme. Chair covers are also available in myriad fabrics, colors, and textures –– not just white satin –– such as cushy suede cloths, lush velvets, and lace, which can allow the beauty of the right chair to peek through.”

Ideally, the chair decorations should match the theme or motif of a wedding. However, brides and grooms can put a creative spin onto this practice by adding a personal touch, like embellishing wedding chairs with native Michigan flowers like hibiscus or potentilla. However, if couples are pressed for time and energy and there is no one on the wedding entourage to delegate the chair decoration task to, Chiavari seats from a Chiavari chair rental in Michigan are a good option as these look great on their own.

Chiavari seats are characterized by their spindle frame design combined with short, vertical spindles on the backrest. This unique construction detail makes these chairs a sight by themselves, with no embellishments needed. Chiavari chairs from a trusted MI Chiavari chair rental like Chiavari Chairs of Michigan come in different finishes like white, silver, gold, and mahogany.

The aesthetic qualities of these chairs though are not the only things to rave about. When it comes to function, Chiavari seats are also commendable as they provide solid but comfortable seating while staying lightweight at the same time. The last quality makes it easy if the chairs are to be transferred from one place to another, namely from the wedding ceremony to the wedding reception.

When planning a wedding, couples can’t afford to leave seating options out. When deciding on them, couples can narrow their choices down by going for both functionality and aesthetics, which are two things that Chiavari seats offer in spades.

(Source: Please Be Seated: Selecting Wedding Seating,, Winter 2008)