Chiavari Chair Rental in Michigan and Other Tips to Pep Up Receptions

In many instances, nothing could make or break someone’s “perfect wedding” more than the reception – this is, after all, the time when the couple leaves a lot of impressions on their guests. One such aspect is the reception venue: it doesn’t have to be the grandest scene for miles, but it should stand out, which is why many companies, such as Chiavari Chairs of Michigan, which offer Chiavari chair rental in Michigan, have seen to it that this hope does come to fruition. How exactly can you spruce up your wedding reception?

Wedding Reception

Decorate by Mood

First, you can start by making sure that the decorations you’re planning to put in are suited to the theme of your venue. For instance, keeping the ballroom theme for your tables and chairs for a garden wedding reception might prove to be a tall order. You should know which color patterns go best with your choice of venue and run with it throughout your entire decorating plans.

Nature Texture Indoors

Today, ballroom settings are incorporating more and more of natural elements like various textures and easily-identifiable fixtures and additions. For instance, you can hang stylish faux vines all over the ceiling (this might even help conceal some of its imperfections), and maybe design pillars as trees or bamboo shoots. Choose the right textures to match with the colors and overall theme you’re using.

Satisfy the Revelers

Here are some tips from The Knot about making sure that your reception’s bar is memorable:

“Chances are the bar will be the hot spot at your wedding (you’ll have the bill to prove it!). So why not dazzle the rowdy revelers with colorful rented barware? Or go for over-the-top opulence and construct an entirely new bar — add bamboo, tropical parasols, and frozen drink machines. But whatever you do, don’t disrupt the bartender’s duties. Flowers on the bar will just get in the way.”

Think Chairs

Many people take it for granted, but it’s important that you choose the right chairs for your wedding reception. Providers of Chiavari chair rental in MI have a wide selection of chairs in different designs and makes – certain not only to be durable and supportive, but could even stand for a conversation piece among your guests every now and then.

Everything from your chairs to your guests’ dress codes should be planned well in advance, so you don’t have to end up cranky and stressed out before your wedding day. You should look into more information on excellent decoration ideas, too, so you can get all the help you need.

(Source: Wedding Receptions: 17 Ways to Spruce Up Your Site, The Knot)