Making Weddings More Affordable with Chiavari Chair Rental in Michigan

making-weddings-more-affordable-with-chiavari-chair-rental-in-michiganAccording to an article from the Chicago Tribune, many Americans are paying for their own weddings because of certain advantages:

“A sure-fire way to get the wedding you want is to be the one who is paying for it,” said Lauren Housley, a Chicago-based wedding planner. “When you have multiple parties contributing, then their needs and requirements are being considered. If the couple takes on the cost, it can mean fewer disagreements.”

Housley said paying for a wedding is more common among brides and grooms who are 28 and older.

“My clients on the younger side have more being contributed by parents,: Housley said. “But those who have been in the workforce, they think of this more as an investment rather than a cost. If you treat a wedding more like an investment, you get more out of it rather than having it be a transaction.”

However, financial reports have also surfaced that many people tend to fall into debt after paying for their wedding. Many debt analysts point to overzealous couples planning extravagant weddings as the reason for financial problems early in the marriage.

Not all weddings have to rival the celebrity weddings you see on television. From trimming the guest list to searching for Michigan Chiavari chairs rental services, there are many ways to have a beautiful wedding without getting into debt for years to come. With that in mind, here are two money-saving tips for couples who plan to pay for their own wedding:

The Great Outdoors

Take advantage of nature’s beauty and rent a venue outdoors; it’s significantly cheaper than renting an indoor venue. You can even have the wedding in your parents’ backyard if it’s big enough, eliminating venue rental costs altogether.

Decorating the outdoors is much easier (and cheaper), since all you really need are tables and chairs. When looking for chairs, be sure to use a chair that is both sturdy and elegant, such as Chiavari chairs. Despite its popularity as a chair of elegance and class, many Michigan Chiavari chair rental services, such as Chiavari Chairs of Michigan, rent out chairs at surprisingly affordable prices.

Help Instead of Gifts

Do you have a friend that owns a limo rental service? If so, ask if he can provide a limo for the wedding as his gift. Your spouse-to-be might have a cousin that owns a flower shop, ask her to do the flower arrangements. More often than not, your family and friends are more than willing to help, especially if it becomes their wedding gift.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Paying for your own wedding, The Chicago Tribune, June 4, 2013)

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