Michigan Chiavari Chair Rental Services: Defining Elegance

If you are currently in the planning stages of your wedding, you might want to contact a company that offers Chiavari chair rental in Michigan. Chiavari chairs originated in the Italian city of Chiavari and have become a favorite wedding party accessory. Apart from the fact that they are easy to stack and transport, they are elegantly designed, giving weddings a classic touch.

michigan-chiavari-chair-rental-services-defining-eleganceVibiana.com explains the history of the Chiavari chair in this brief excerpt:

The “Chiavarine” chair originated in 1807 in the little seaside town of Chiavari
on the coast of Northern Italy and was designed by a man named Guiseppe
Gaetano Descalzi. His design combined the features of several “balloon backed”
Parisian chairs that were gifted to him by the founder of the Economic Society of
Chiavari. Originally carved from Cherrywood, the chair was advertised to
be ‘so lightweight that event a child could lift it with a single finger.’

Chiavari chairs were inspired by the vintage Louis XV chairs that originated from France. These Parisian chairs, which had curved cabriole legs, exuded both style and comfort. Descalzi wanted to recreate this style with functionality in mind, so he ultimately came up with the Chiavari chair, an elegant yet lightweight furniture with no back upholstery.

The Chiavari chair eventually made its way from the dining room to the wedding party. According to Vibiana.com, “This little chair has come a long way since 1800’s, having been featured at events such as White House State Dinners, The Academy Awards, Emmy’s and Grammy’s Galas, and even weddings such as that of Jackie-O and JFK.”

In 1957, architect Gio Ponti designed the Superleggera chair, a recreation of the Chiavari that was simpler in design and more lightweight. Since then, Chiavari chairs have become a party staple. They have also evolved from being made of medium-toned woods to the present variety which uses bamboo, birchwood, and even steel.

You can never go wrong with Chiavari chairs to make your wedding day extra special. In fact, companies that offer Chiavari chairs rental in Michigan such as Chiavari Chairs of Michigan allow customers to choose from a line of colors, chair sashes, and décor ideas to fit the motif or theme of your wedding. With Chiavari chairs, you’re guaranteed a wedding party with a dash of history, elegance, and style.

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