We Offer the Lowest Prices for Chiavari Chair Rental in Michigan

We know that the simple and elegant appearance of Chiavari Chairs makes people love using them at various social gatherings and formal occasions. That is why we, at Chiavari Chairs of Michigan (CCOM), are proud to be the first among Michigan Chiavari Chair rental companies to rent these to the public at the lowest prices.

Our great selection of newly-purchased Chiavari Chairs is perfect for weddings, parties, rehearsal dinners, and corporate events. You can rent them in a variety of colors—gold for a joyous birthday party, white for a solemn wedding ceremony, silver for formal meetings, or mahogany for garden celebrations. You can even get them in an assortment of colors to match the different personalities of your guests. Whatever occasions you need them for, we have the seats that can fit your theme perfectly.

Your choice of seats does not only help make your guests feel more comfortable, but also adds to the ambiance of your ceremony or celebration. Properly selected, it can also give your guests the best impressions of your event, as well as of you as a host. This is why you should always consider the comfort, appeal, and practicality of chairs when planning and organizing events.

Given these criteria, Chiavari Chairs are usually a top choice. Their light structure, understated stylishness, and convenient stackability make them suitable even for the most elite of social functions. For instance, the chairs in the State Dining Room and Family Dining Room of the White House are of this kind. President Barack Obama and his family were also seated on silver Chiavaris during his inauguration.

Yet even if Chiavari Chairs fit right into luxurious settings, they are not necessarily expensive. As a matter of fact, you can rent them from CCOM for only $5 each, including the cushion. You can also adorn them with different designs, as we have a sizable stock of chair sashes and decor ideas for different occasions.

You can also coordinate with our president, Heather Hulsebos, for event planning ideas. Heather and the rest of us at CCOM specialize in making your event unique and in building a long-lasting relationship with you. We aim to be the Bath, MI Chiavari Chair rental company you will always turn to. We also serve all of Michigan as well as Northern Indiana and Ohio.

Explore our website to learn more about us and view a gallery of the events we’ve lent our services to. Then make reservations for your own event today!

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